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We protect and connect you with your family, trusted friends and local authorities no matter where you are, quickly.

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We help those concerned about their own or their loved one’s safety. Our goal is to get you back to doing the things you love, traveling, dating, driving, or running errands without worrying about you or your loved ones' safety.

Share Your Location

Keep your loved ones up to date on your whereabouts. Share your location with friends and loved ones for peace of mind.

Locate Friends & Family

Share Check-ins

Message With Trusted Contacts

Alert Emergency Responders

Trigger an alert to nearby friends, family, GEMS, Guardon Angels*, and local authorities to come to your aid when you need it most.

Medical Alerts

Safety Alerts

Vehicle Accident Alerts

Safety Triggers

Guide You To Safety

GuardOn's real-time wayfinder guides you along the safest routes, keeps you informed about the proximity to other GuardOn members, ensuring your journey is safe and secure.

Map of Safest Route to Destination

Proximity to Guardon members

Crime Maps

Pick Your Plan

Choose the plan that's right for you



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Unlimited Check-ins & Messaging

Unlimited US-Based Alerts & Triggers to Trusted Contacts, GA, GEMS, & Local Authorities

Unlimited US-Based Roadside Assistance and SafetyRoute

Unlimited Trusted Contact Connections



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3 Trusted Contact Connections

Unlimited Check-ins & Messaging

Unlimited Local Alerts & Triggers to Trusted Contacts, Guardon Angels & GEMS



Join For Free

Unlimited Trusted Contact Connections

Unlimited Check-ins & Messagings

Unlimited Global Alerts & Triggers to Trusted Contacts, GA, GEMS, & Local Authorities

Unlimited Global Roadside Assistance and SafetyRoute

*Currently available in US, India, and Mexico with more countries rolling out regularly


Personal Safety Protection

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GuardOn Benefits

Never Feel Unsafe & Alone

GuardOn is Safety in Numbers.

Guardon is a complete solution designed to keep you safe at all times, no matter where you are. Through collaborations, partnerships and relationships with law enforcement and other emergency services, businesses, NGOs and members of the community, GuardOn gets help to you quickly when you need it.

GuardOn is your reliable ally, instantly alerting nearby friends, family, community members, and authorities to come to your aid when you need it most.

Get Rapid Assistance

Protected Anywhere

Carry GuardOn with you on any device - iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or Android Watch - for instant access to safety and protection, domestically and abroad.

With Safety Comes Freedom to Live Your Life

Freedom for Seniors

A safety app with our advanced features ensures independence while providing a lifeline in emergencies. With a simple touch, help is within reach, whether at home or on the go. Alongside immediate response, the app offers seamless communication with medical professionals and caregivers. Seniors can pursue their passions, explore new hobbies, and engage socially, all with the reassurance of readily available assistance. Embrace this technology and empower seniors to live confidently and to the fullest

Freedom for Women

Empowerment and freedom converge for women through a safety and medical alert app. This game-changing app acts as a shield, instilling confidence and security. Women no longer need to live in fear, as a single tap connects them to emergency services in an instant. With discreet features, trusted contacts are alerted, forming a supportive network. Embrace this app and witness women reclaim their independence, fearlessly pursuing their aspirations. True freedom awaits, just a touch away.

GuardOn is the ultimate companion, providing peace of mind wherever you roam. A single tap connects you to immediate assistance, ensuring safety no matter the destination. Explore new horizons, immerse yourself in cultures, and chase adventure without hesitation. With this app by your side, wanderlust knows no bounds. Travel fearlessly, knowing help is just a touch away

Freedom for Travelers

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24/7 Emergency Monitoring

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