Driving Safety System: Protection On The Road
Driving Safety System: Protection On The Road

Driving Safety System: Protection On The Road

Accidents happen, but finding help on the road isn’t easy. Reach for GuardOn for an extra hand to get you safe and back on the road.

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  • checkIcon Reliable Location Tracking & Sharing
  • checkIcon Emergency Roadside Dispatch
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Discover the peace of mind that comes with GuardOn's comprehensive driving safety system.

With GuardOn by your side, you can confidently navigate your daily life, knowing that help is just a touch away. Our comprehensive features and intuitive interface make GuardOn the ultimate companion for your personal safety needs.


Joy Riding Got A Whole Lot Safer

Drive with confidence and enhance your safety on the road. With our user-friendly interface and advanced features, you can make informed decisions.

Vehicle Collision Alert for Immediate Assistance
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    Vehicle Collision Alert for Immediate Assistance

    GuardOn detects collisions and provides immediate assistance in case of emergencies. With just a tap, our app alerts friends and emergency services, ensuring help is on the way when you need it most. Drive confidently knowing that you have an extra layer of safety.

Real-Time Location Sharing
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    Real-Time Location Sharing

    The system transmits the precise location of the accident to facilitate quick and efficient relief operations. The system can be set to alert designated trusted contacts, keeping loved ones informed and reassured during critical moments.

Roadside Services Dispatch
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    Roadside Services Dispatch

    GuardOn provides a reliable roadside dispatch feature that connects you to the necessary help when you need it most. In the event of an accident or emergency, GuardOn's response system will coordinate with ambulatory services, collision repair services, tow truck, providing the necessary information to ensure your safety.


With All These Features, Come Great Benefits


Never Alone On The Road

Help is always just a touch away, giving you the freedom to travel with peace of mind and the assurance of safety across all terrains and locations.


Exceptional Response Time

Our efficient system minimizes the time between an emergency call and receiving help, ensuring prompt assistance from emergency services and responders.


Get Help Everywhere

Whether you’re driving through cities, cruising rural roads, or exploring roads off-the-beaten path, help is within reach, no matter where your journey takes you.

More Than a Mobile App

Connect your medical alert system to any of these devices.

Apple WatchAppleicon

Apple Watch

Work faster and smarter by integrating directly with Notion, right in the app.

Google Pixel WatchGoogle icon

Google Pixel Watch

Work faster and smarter by integrating directly with Slack, right in the app.

GuardOn Basic PendantGuardOn icon

GuardOn Basic Pendant

Work faster and smarter by integrating directly with Intercom, right in the app.

Medical Alert Necklace (Pendant)Medical Alert icon

Medical Alert Necklace (Pendant)

Work faster and smarter by integrating directly with Jira, right in the app.

Pricing & Plans

Plans that fit your needs

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. We offer annual and semi-annual plans to meet your budget. Our annual plans include a 20% discount over the semi-annual plan

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Free Plan


Pay Nothing

Share location & alerts with your closest contacts so they stay inform and can respond.

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    Up to 1 Trusted Contacts
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    Unlimited Check-ins and Messaging With Trusted Contacts.
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    Unlimited Medical, Safety & Vehicle Alerts to Trusted Contacts
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    Access to Safety Map
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Share location & alerts with more contacts and unlock 24/7 emergency monitoring.

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    Everything in Free +
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    Up to 3 Trusted Contacts with messaging and check-ins
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    24/7 GuardOn Emergency Services (GEMS) for all alerts
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    Shareable Medical Profile
  • International Add-On

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Alert as many trusted contacts as you like and unlock roadside services to your subscription.

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    Everything in Basic +
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    Up to 10 Trusted Contacts with messaging and check-ins,
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    Roadside Dispatch Service
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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

What is Guardon?

GuardOn is a comprehensive safety app designed to protect and empower individuals in various situations. It offers a range of features including personal safety alerts, crash detection, emergency dispatch, roadside assistance, and more, all aimed at enhancing personal security and peace of mind.

How Does GuardOn Work?

GuardOn utilizes advanced technologies such as GPS, Blue-tooth, wifi, and real-time communication to provide a seamless and efficient safety experience. The app can detect potential dangers, send instant alerts to trusted contacts and emergency services, and provide timely assistance in critical situations

What are the key features of GuardOn?

GuardOn's key features include personal safety alerts, crash detection with emergency dispatch, roadside assistance, safe driving monitoring, individual driver reports, and location sharing. These features work together to ensure proactive safety measures, quick response times, and comprehensive support.

How can GuardOn benefit users?

GuardOn offers several benefits to users. It enhances personal safety by providing a reliable safety net, especially in emergencies or dangerous situations. The app promotes safe driving habits by monitoring driving behaviors and offering feedback on areas for improvement. Additionally, GuardOn provides peace of mind to users and their loved ones, knowing that help is readily available and assistance is just a tap away.

Is the GuardOn app free?

Yes, but with limited features.

Where does GuardOn operate?

Guardon is presently available in the US and India

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.