A Safety Platform Built For Women, Everywhere
A Safety Platform Built For Women, Everywhere

A Safety Platform Built For Women, Everywhere

Launched as a response to a crime, GuardOn exists to make women safer when you go to the grocery store to when you travel abroad and reduce your worries about leaving your loved ones alone.

What We Built

All-In-One Safety Platform

We believe that through collaborations, partnerships and relationships with law enforcement and other emergency services, businesses, NGOs and members of the community, GuardOn gets help quickly when you need it.

Medical Alerts
  • Medical Alerts

    Rapid medical assistance, anywhere you need it. Medical responsiveness is critical. Alert trusted contacts and local authorities through easy to use features on any device. Control updated medical profiles for easy sharing.

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  • Personal Safety

    Take control of your safety. With just a simple tap, users can trigger an alert when they feel threatened or if they've become a victim of a crime.

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  • Driving Safety

    Stay safe on the road. All Guardon members can access a 24/7 roadside dispatch service for an ambulatory services or a tow truck. They can also notify their trusted contacts on what happens.

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  • 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Service

    Trained professionals, always available. Highly trained professionals constantly monitor signals from your personal safety app, enabling rapid response times to emergencies such as medical incidents, driving collisions, unsafe , or fire hazards.

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 A Safety Platform Built For Women, Everywhere
 A Safety Platform Built For Women, Everywhere

Privacy first

We take pride in our commitment to upholding the standard for data privacy and ethical practices. In keeping our responsibility, we strive to be leaders in safeguarding user information and maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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It started with a vision to protect women

Our Story

It started with a vision to protect women

When Brindala Mallappa learned about the heinous crime committed against a young girl in India, later known as Nirbhaya, she was deeply moved. As a woman, a mother, a sister, a daughter, and an executive responsible for employing numerous women, Brindala felt a strong sense of anger and concern. She was determined to develop a comprehensive technology solution and emergency response ecosystem to prevent crimes against women, children, and the elderly. Read more about this story here.

Out of this moment, GuardOn was created. An all-in-one safety solution that connects women to a network of people and services that can go beyond local 911.

Our values

What makes us different

GuardOn stands out from the rest with its unique global safety coverage, offering protection wherever you go. With an extra layer of support and a range of innovative features, GuardOn ensures you're never alone in emergencies. What sets it apart is its affordability, making safety accessible to all.


Don’t Let Money Stand in the Way of Safety

Affordability for All: It should be accessible to the financially disadvantaged for free, while maintaining extremely low costs for others.

Layers of Support

Add Extra Layers of Support

The solution had to go beyond notifying the authorities and also be effective in areas where immediate assistance might not be readily available.


Get Support Where You Are

Function across all cities, rural areas, and even while traveling internationally. Enable multiple local languages to benefit, too.

Our Timeline

  1. 2011

    GuardOn originated in the aftermath of a heinous crime committed on a young Indian girl, named Nirbhaya.
  2. 2018

    GuardOn launches in India, reaches 30,000 users in the first 2 months. GuardOn hits 9,000 alerts in as many months
  3. 2020

    GuardOn launches in US. Perfect timing, we know. Thanks pandemic! So we decide to reset and retool.
  4. 2023

    GuardOn relaunches in the US with updated features, an expanded 24/7 monitoring service and partner

Hear from Brindala Mallappa

Brindalla Mallappa, a captivating guest on the "How I Broke This" podcast, shares her inspiring story of overcoming obstacles and challenges. In this insightful interview, she discusses her journey towards success, offering valuable lessons and motivation to listeners.

Use Cases

With Safety Comes Freedom to Live Your Life

GuardOn ensures your safety with rapid emergency response and location sharing, making it ideal for medical emergencies, community security, and peace of mind in any time of your life, all in one versatile app.

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